Course Fees

Entry Criteria :Qualified medic with minimum 3 years experience in Orthopaedic Surgery
Description :This unit develops the knowledge and skills relevant to computer assisted knee arthroplasty. Pre-course study examines contemporary prosthetic knee alignment rationale and the principles of computer-assisted arthroplasty. The unit details the science that underpins optical and electro-magnetic tracking. The unit examines the methodology of using a computer for surgical planning and decision-making. Practical workshop sessions develop and assess the delegate’s comprehension of the software and surgical workflows.
Assessment Criteria
As a professional qualification there are four key elements to be assessed:
  1. Knee alignment principles
  2. The principles of optical and electro-magnetic tracking
  3. Medical imaging techniques
  4. Soft tissue and joint gap management
This unit will be assessed through four different activities:
  1. Verbal technical instruction exercises providing reasoned arguments for decision
  2. Candidates will complete a multiple-choice questionnaire covering all aspects of the unit
  3. Orthopaedic Science case study presentations
  4. Written exercise on Principles of knee alignment
The programme will be delivered through formal presentations, problem based learning and practical clinical (bio skills) sessions administered and facilitated by clinical educators with the defining experience and qualifications.