Course Programme

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Current Controversies, Advances and Complexities in Knee Arthroplasty




Welcome and Introduction to the day



Advances - Evolving designs of TKR

Chair: Mr. Kelly Vince, Mr. Frederic Picard

  Registry data – Is there a need for changing knee design
  • Miss Catherine Kellett
The design of a knee prosthesis – an engineer`s perspective
  • Dr. Wolfson
Male and Female knees – are they really so different
  • Mr. Nick London
The single radius philosophy – does it work?
  • Mr. Alexander Siegmeth
The Attune knee – philosophy behind Depuy new knee
  • Mr. Paul Allen
New Zimmer Persona philosophy on knee design
  • Dr. Kelly Vince
Cutting edge knee designs – Are they necessarily better?
  • Dr. David Stulberg




Advances 2 - Computer Navigation/Patient specific jigs/Robotics

Chair : Dr. David Stulberg, Mr. Martin Sarungi

  Outcomes of Computer Navigation - do the results justify the technique
  • Mr. Alberto Gregori
Gap balancing with computer navigation
  • Mr. Joseph Baines 
Makoplasty - A robotic technique & results
  • Mr. Bryn Jones 
Giving Robot a hand – a new approach to robotics
  • Mr. Frederic Picard 
Patient specific jigs are they what they are supposed to be ? – my experience with personalised jigs
  • Mr. Nick London
A CT based personalised jig – early mid term results and words of wisdom
  • Mr. Rob Harvey 
The alignment and balancing  – Do we even know the goal
  • Mr. Kamal Deep
Gait analysis
  • Mr. Rami Abboud


Hands on with Industry workshops


Stryker (Triathlon & Navigation)


DePuy (Personalised Jigs & Attune)


Zimmer (i Assist & Persona)




Complexities 1

Chair: Mr. Rhidian Morgan Jones, Mr. Andrew Kinninmonth

  Bilateral simultaneous TKA in severe articular deformities
  • Mr. Gurava Reddy
Severe Varus deformity – how to proceed
  • Mr. Anan Shetty
Severe Valgus deformity – how to plan and proceed
  • Mr. David Allen
Extra articular deformities and TKR
  • Mr. Andrew Kinninmonth 
Morbid obesity and TKR
  • Mr. David Stulberg


Complexities 2

Chair: Mr. Nick London, Mr. Kalpesh Shah

  Extensor mechanism deficiency – how to proceed
  • Mr. Paul Allen
Place of patellar replacement in knee Arthroplasty
  • Mr. Nick London
You had the TKR - now what...........implications of no follow up
  • Mr. Gurava Reddy
Patient expectations, satisfaction and TKR
  • Mr. Martin Sarungi
Investigation of a Painful TKR
  • Mr. Niall Munro 




Revision Knee replacement

Chair: Mr. Rob Harvey, Mr. Kamal Deep

  Revision in Infection – 1 stage vs 2 stage
  • Mr. Rhidian Morgan Jones
Exposure in revision
  • Mr. Rob Harvey
Tips and tricks for removal of well fixed implants for revision TKR
  • Mr. Phil Walmsley
Building up the deficiencies on tibia and femur in revision knee surgery
  • Mr. Kelly Vince   
Porous coated materials in revision Arthroplasty
  • Mr. David Stulberg


Revision Knee replacement

Chair: Mr. Phil Walmsley, Mr. Anan Shetty

  Endo Clinic experience in infected revision knee surgery
  • Mr. A Zahar
Role of Hinges in revision surgery
  • Mr. Phil Walmsley
Results of revision knee surgery – are they similar to primary TKR
  • Mr. Rhidian Morgan Jones
Amputation/arthrodesis in knee .. when to say enough is enough.....
  • Mr. Kelly Vince


Case Presentations

Chair: Mr. Fred Picard


Panel – Mr. Kelly Vince, Mr. David Stulberg, Mr. Nick London, Mr. Rhidian Morgan Jones, Mr. Andrew Kinninmonth , Mr. Kamal Deep, Mr. Joe Baines, Mr. Phil Walmsley, Mr. Alberto Gregori


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