Course Outline

Course on Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Wednesday April 23rd  and Thursday April 24th , 2014


On April 23th and 24th 2014, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery in cooperation with the Wenckebach Instituut will organize the first Course on Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS).

We live in a world where technological opportunities are booming and become more important in our daily life. Everybody carries a smart phone and tablet computers are on the kitchen table. However, in the operating theatre we still rely on the image intensifier for our orientation and in hip- or knee-joint replacements we mostly use standard blocks to guide our resection planes.

A recent technological development is Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) ; we can perform surgeries with  real time three dimensional feedback, greater precision and without radiation. We gained positive experience with CAS over the past 6 years in our centre. We would like to introduce CAS to you during a 2-day course and offer you the possibility to discover working with CAS.

You will learn about the background of CAS and we will explain the technique, but most time will be spent hands-on: work with the software, practice on sawbones and perform real dissection on cadavers. The course will focus on the use of CAS in prosthetics of hip and knee, placing pedicle screws and CAS use in oncologic resections.

To facilitate a high level of individual tuition and interaction with the tutors, the number of course participants is restricted to 16 participants.
It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the First Course on Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) in orthopedic surgery.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Dr. P.C. Jutte, Orthopedic surgeon, UMCG



Wednesday April 23, 2014

08.45    Reception and registration

Imageless: knee and hip prosthesis

09.00    Opening

                Paul Jutte

09.10    Basic principles (imageless) navigation

                Paul Jutte

09.30    Introduction Session 1: Knee navigation

                Sjoerd Bulstra

09.45    Basics knee navigation

                Faculty / Zimmer

10.00    Hands-on knee

                Sjoerd Bulstra / Zimmer

10.45    Coffee/teabreak

11.00    Introduction Session 2: Hip navigation

                Lex Boerboom

11.15    Basics hip navigation

                Faculty / Stryker

11.30    Hands-on hip

                Lex Boerboom / Stryker

12.15    Lunch

13.15    Hands-on cadaver: knee and hip navigation in groups of 4

                Faculty / Zimmer / Stryker                                                                      

14.45    Coffee/teabreak

15.00    Hands-on cadaver: knee and hip navigation in groups of 4

                Faculty / Zimmer / Stryker

16.30    Closure

                Paul Jutte

18.00    Diner

Thursday April 24, 2014

08.15    Reception

Imagebased: oncology and spine

08.30    Introduction Session 3: Oncology -  Principles, Indication and Cases

Paul Jutte

08.45    Imagebased  workflow

                Faculty  / Stryker

09.00    Oncologic Navigation:  Planning and Sawbone


10.00    Coffee/teabreak

10.15    Introduction Session 4: Spine  -  Principles, Indication and Cases

                Chris Faber

10.30    Spine CAS workflow

                Faculty / Stryker

10.45    Start hands-on sessions of 1.30 hours in groups of 4:

Hands-on Spine: Iso-C, CAS and Instrumentarium

                Faculty / Stryker / Inspine

Hands-on Oncology

                Faculty / Stryker

Hands-on I-Assist Knee Navigation

                Faculty / Zimmer


16.45    Closing remarks and certification

                Paul Jutte   

Reception with drinks 

Faculty / Session leaders / Organizing Committee

Prof.dr. S.K. Bulstra, orthopedic surgeon, UMCG

Drs. A.L. Boerboom, orthopedic surgeon, UMCG

Dr. C. Faber, orthopedic surgeon, UMCG

Dr. P.C. Jutte, orthopedic surgeon, UMCG

Drs J.J.W. Ploegmakers, orthopedic surgeon, UMCG

Guest speakers by companies: To be announced

Dhr. J.G. Gerbers, PhD candidate, department of orthopedic surgery, UMCG

Mw. C. Verver, course organizer PGSoM, Wenckebach Instituut, UMCG