CAOS UK 2013 Conference Faculty - Mr. Fred Picard

Mr Fred PicardMr Fred Picard MD

Orthopaedic Consultant at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital

The basic research of Dr Picard and his colleagues at the University of Grenoble in the nineties have been the fundaments for the technical constructions of the first routine CT free knee navigation system for TKA. Without his research and clinical input, the implementation of this new technology would not have been possible.

His original research and contributions have placed him at the top of the international community of researchers in the area of CAOS.

He has shown an outstanding ability to translate surgical technique in three-dimensional procedure. His opinion is sought by others who are working on developing other computer-assisted surgical systems. He has been recognised as a “Lead User Developer of Radical Innovation in the Field of Medical Equipment Technology”. He also initiated one of the first books on computer assisted orthopaedic surgery – “Computer Robotic Assisted Hip and Knee Surgery” – published by the Oxford University press.

Dr Frédéric Picard received MD and master degrees in Grenoble University in France. He worked in Chicago (NWU) with David Stulberg, in Pittsburgh with Anthony DiGioia (CMU), in Paris (Ecole Centrale Paris/“Centrale Santé”). He is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow (Scotland) and has established a clinical research unit in which his team has produced significant research work on computer assisted knee and hip surgery.

In 2009 in Boston (United States), he received the Muller award, the highest recognition in Computer Assisted Surgery.