Generating Evidence

Generating evidence 

This unit will be assessed through four different activities.

The assessment must be robust to allow judgements regarding achievement of learning outcomes.

The assessment criteria are mapped against the appropriate learning outcome.

Three assessment processes are used to validate the learning outcomes.

Assessment Process

A. Verbal Technical Monitored Peer to Peer review

Candidates will complete verbal technical instruction assessment exercises providing reasoned arguments for decisions

B. Multiple Choice Question Paper

Candidates will complete a multiple choice questionnaire covering all aspects of the taught unit and the relevant pre-course reading

C. Case Study Monitored Peer to Peer review

The delegate’s presentation skills ability will be assessed in exercises where they will be asked to present on product or orthopaedic science related topics

The assessment process has been designed to ensure that each assessment criterion covers the full range of issues taught on the programme in such a way that candidates are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the issues, interpret that knowledge in a reflective practice exercises and apply the knowledge in a clinical situation.