Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes 

To successfully achieve the ABP Postgraduate Diploma in Principles Computer Assisted Knee Arthroplasty (PCAKA) delegates will: 

1. Understand non-navigated alignment and gap management assumptions

2. Understand the principles of navigation alignment and gap management technique including registration

3. Understand CAS system hardware

4. Understand image and non-image based navigation techniques including planning

5. Understand CAS system and instrument set-up

6. Understand explain and demonstrate patient registration

7. Understand the preoperative imaging involved in custom jig systems

8. Understand and demonstrate practically the pre-operative planning steps involved in custom jig systems 

9. Troubleshooting the quality circle when patient on the table

10. Develop, implement and evaluate an ethical, evidence based approach when working with CAS system

11. Use a risk assessment methodology to ensure, identify and manage the range of risks and potential hazards associated with the use of CAS system.

12. Identify the clinical education and technical support necessary to effect and support change in clinical practice in the operating theatre with CAS.

13. Evaluate their ability to demonstrate an evidence based approach to support optimum product performance and promote good patient outcome

14. Understand, develop and demonstrate the key elements of requisite skills in the clinical environment

15. Demonstrate an understanding of how to perform safe operative techniques, to present technical knowledge and identify surgical precautions to ensure safe use and handling of orthopaedic surgical CAS instruments and/ or Custom jigs implants

16. Demonstrate competence in the development and application of CAS TKA operative logic system