CAOS UK Conference Programme

27 October 2013

The Conference programme has now been published including the Faculty and Guest lectures, Presentations and Industry Workshops.

Our aim this year is to show clinicians and orthopaedic surgeons that the technology should respond to their needs and reply to our daily surgical issues. We will also have sessions to discuss cases with experts in orthopaedics and in CAS. 

The Conference Programme for CAOS UK 2013 will cover the following topics:

  • Uni and Bi. Navigation and robotics.
  • TKR. Navigation and robotics. 
  • Osteotomy and ACL. Navigation and robotics.
  • Design, Biomechanics and Patient Matched blocks and implants
  • Total Hip and Tumour. Navigation and robotics.
  • Simulation Section.
  • New technologies and Applications.
  • Future of Navigation. Deformity and Dynamics.

each of which will be delivered through

  • Keynote Lectures by International Experts
  • Symposia
  • Scientific Paper presentations
  • Specially dedicated time for industry hands on demonstrations for different systems (custom jigs, navigation and robotics) and visiting the industry exhibition
  • Hands on Workshops for different available systems
  • Industry Exhibition

Conference Programme Day 1

Conference Programme Day 2

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Faculty Includes

Mr. Ajeya Adhikari
Professor Justin Cobb
Mr. Kamal Deep
Mr. Johann Henkel
Mr. Ashish Mahendra
Mr. Dinesh Nathwani
Mr. Fred Picard
Mr. Ashvin Pimpalnerkar
Mr. Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena
Mr. Robin Strachan


Keynote Speakers

Professor Maximillian Rudert University of Wurzburg, Germany

Professor Brian Davies